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Why Publishers
like us ?

Voorio Publisher Network offers Publishers high paying, highly convertable CPI campaigns for Android Web Traffic.

Publishers with 1 Million views can expect decent extra revenue using our CPI Direct Link revenue stream.

Why Voorio CPI Direct Link ? Our specialized CPI links when placed right spots advised by our Monetization specialists offers conversion rates as high as $0.03 per install.

Got over 1 Million web views ? You are eligible to join our ad-network./p>

CPI Direct Links

  • High Paying CPI Direct Links for Android web traffic
  • As high as $0.03 CPI (cost per install)
  • Requirements: over 1 million views

100% Fill Rate

  • No Blank Downloads
  • All Geos Monetized
  • Exclusive campaigns

Weekly Payments

  • We pay every week
  • Fast payments upon withdrawal request
  • Get paid via Paypal, BTC

How can i earn
With Voorio ?

Direct Ads

Voorio has thousands of Advertisers on its panel looking for Publishers ready to monetize their Mobile traffic inventory (android) paying for Installation of their Ad-App™

As a publisher you will place our 'Direct Links' on Hot Spots of your webpage or android app that will result into a Installation once the visitor downloads the desired Ad-App™.

Revenue Share

We pay our value publishers the highest revenue share in industry. Earn as high as 75% revenue share with us.